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Compressor Controls from Boge

Single Compressor Controls

Multiple Compressor Controls

Remote Monitoring

Over 100.000 compressed air users expect more when it comes to their compressed air supply. BOGE air provides them with the air to work.

It is estimated that energy costs account for up to 75% of the lifetime costs of compressed air generation. Implementing a controller into the compressed air system is one way to ensure the supply of compressed air remains energy effi cient. BOGE compressor or master controllers have been specifi cally designed for optimum functioning in BOGE compressed air systems and for safe and effi cient operation. In addition, BOGE controllers serve to monitor, control and optimise your compressed air system effi ciently – an investment bound to pay off!

Boge offers controls for Single Compressors, Multiple Compressors and even a Remote Monitoring Service that allows you to monitor your facility regardless of your physical location!

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