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Piston Compressors Overview

Boge Piston Compressors

Oil Lubricated Piston Compressors

Oil Free Piston Compressors

Optimum final pressure from Booster Compressor

The BOGE Booster series of oil lubricated piston compressors provide a flexible, cost effective and energy efficient solution for generating up to 600 psi at point of use.

The BOGE Booster Compressor takes in pre-compressed and pre-treated compressed air from an existing network or from a low-pressure compressor and compresses it to the required final pressure.

Industry and trade need safe solutions:

Therefore, BOGE piston compressors are engineered to provide dependable compressed air for a wide range of applications. A sophisticated design and uncompromising high quality workmanship ensures that BOGE piston compressors are without a doubt setting the standard when it comes to reliability and efficiency in operation.

A Modular Concept

Using the piston compressor unit as a base, additional modules can be added to configure an individual compressed air system specifically designed to meet individually defined operating requirements. The final compact unit is supplied ready for connection; for efficient and reliable operation in all types of applications.

Piston Compressor Parts from Boge

Piston Compressor

Piston Compressor Parts from Boge

Compressed Air Receiver

Piston Compressor Parts from Boge

Refrigerant Dryer

Piston Compressor Parts from Boge

Membrane Dryer

Advantages of Boge Piston Compressors

Advantages of a Boge Piston Compressor

BOGE piston compressors have been engineered using the latest technological advancements. As an example, the innovative K series compressors utilize the push rod principle that enables completely oil free compressed air generation. Opting for a BOGE piston compressor means always keeping one step ahead of your competitors with safety and efficiency as standard.

Advantages of a Boge Piston Compressor

BOGE piston compressors are the reliable backbone of your compressed air supply – for both trade or industrial use. They have stood the test of time for more than 80 years throughout industry: robust, low maintenance and incomparably powerful.

Advantages of a Boge Piston Compressor

Only top quality materials and the latest technology are used when designing and manufacturing BOGE piston compressors. Precisely manufactured to the smallest tolerances on modern CNC machines BOGE piston compressors are subject to extensive quality control before leaving production. This is why BOGE piston compressors are durable and robust.

Advantages of a Boge Piston Compressor

Thanks to the modular design principle, BOGE piston compressors can be easily upgraded. You decide for yourself – an oil-free or oil-lubricated system, a small, medium or variable output, with or without a receiver and/or refrigerant dryer. This allows you to have the optimum solution for your application.

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