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Screw Compressors from Boge

Oil Injected Screw Compressors

Oil Free Screw Compressors

Industry and Trade deserve quality solutions:
And, our customers have come to rely on BOGE for uncompromising quality and intelligent engineering “Made in Germany”. More than 100,000 compressed air users around the world know that such values pay off in the long run: because a reliable, efficient and durable supply of compressed air is paramount to the operation of their business.

Intelligent design advantage:
The award winning BOGE S series design incorporates a clever cabinet layout with a high quality finish and maximum efficiency. Every component part incorporates the decade long know-how of our engineers – advantages paid back through reliable daily operation.

The self-sufficient section, where the highest cooling air temperatures occur, is located at the top of the compressor in the cooling air discharge and houses a generously dimensioned aftercooler with separate cooling air fan and cooling air guiding hood. The cooling air either discharges to the atmosphere or ideally, as heat recovery, to supplement space heating via ducting.

All maintenance parts are easily accessible from one side of the compressor. This reduces maintenance costs to a minimum.

All oil carrying pipes are made of steel terminating with high quality precision threaded joints that are leak proof and safe even under highest pressures. The entire machine utilizes only one hose on the clean air side which also serves for vibration damping.

Includes horizontal oil separation reservoir, directly mounted airend and external oil separator cartridge. This innovative system ensures oil separation with virtually no pressure losses and a residual oil content of only 1-3 ppm in every operating phase. The external oil separator cartridge is minimally loaded: a guarantee for long service life.

The switch cabinet is integrated into the screw compressor housing. It is fully pre-wired and ready for use. The cabinet also houses a quick fit modular microprocessor compressor controller.

The larger high volume BOGE screw compressors are available as water cooled (40-350 HP).

Advantages for S-Series Screw Compressors

quietly intakes air from the cool section of the cooling air flow while at the same time intensively cleans it to ensure the longest possible service life of all downstream components. The compressor operates trouble-free even in dusty conditions.

Advantages for S-Series Screw Compressors

ensures a valve-less oil circuit without oil stop or check valve and the lowest possible internal pressure losses. It hermetically seals to prevent discharge of oil vapors. A fully unloaded start helps to save energy. The Multifunction control is effectively safe in operation and in the event of shutdown fails safe.

Advantages for S-Series Screw Compressors

The airend is driven by a class F, TEFC standard motor which is located in the coolest section of the compressor. BOGE motors have genuine power reserves and are therefore not overloaded. Effective in 2012 all motors are IE3 premium efficiency motors.

  • Intelligent Engineering from BOGE

    The three main sections of the BOGE screw compressor(electrics & drive, compressor, independent cooling unit) are strategically aligned in the main cooling air flow: for maximum efficiency and service life.

    Efficiency made easy:
    According to our engineers, the design of the BOGE screw compressor is very much based on the principles of nature. High outputs, effective oil separation, and an extremely long service life of the component parts ensure that energy consumption is optimized.

  • Thermal Advantage: The Boge Cooling air flow

    Warm air rises:
    Our engineers harnessed this simple law of physics in order to make BOGE screw compressors even more efficient and to prolong their service life. Cooling air is taken in at the lowest point in the package by a separate cooling air fan and is drawn over the component parts upwards before leaving the compressor at the highest point – our so called chimney effect. This main cooling air flow is many times higher than the actual cooling air flow of the integrated motor fan. Due to chimney principle, the system keeps cooling even during load reversal.

    Efficiency advantage:
    The intake filter is positioned in the coolest part of the cooling airflow and takes in the air for compression at the lowest temperature. This results in an optimized volumetric efficiency and output from the compressor. The air/oil cooler, on the other hand, is positioned at the top of the compressor. The cooler is generously dimensioned and, in conjunction with the cooling airflow, provides for the lowest possible internal cabinet temperature as well as discharge compressed air temperature. When connected directly to ducting, the cooling air can be removed without any problems or recovered and easily redirected to supplement space heating.

    Service life advantage:
    Motor, switch cabinet and all electric components are positioned at the intake of the main cooling airflow and benefit from the coolest air. As a result these components do not overheat either in load or in idle mode which means their service life is extended considerably. There are no heat sinks within the cabinet in either operating mode.

  • Gravity Advantage: The Boge oil separation system.

    Oil always flows to the lowest point:
    Therefore our engineers have positioned the oil pre-separator horizontally at the lowest point of the system. Also due to rapid reduction of the compressed air speed after compression bulk oil ”rains” from the compressed air into the reservoir – a most efficient form of oil pre-separation.

    Efficiency advantage:
    The BOGE oil separation system is designed to minimize internal pressure losses and to ensure a residual oil content of 1-3 ppm in every operating phase. The horizontal combi-tank ensures a low foam level at load reversal virtually eliminating the risk of bulk oil reaching the separator cartridges.

    Long-life service advantage:
    BOGE oil separator cartridges have a long service life – not only as a result of the highly effective oil pre-separation but also because of the large safety distance between the oil surface and the separator that prevents the oil from migrating into the separator cartridge.

    Everything is cutting edge:
    The BOGE airend is the heart of the BOGE screw compressor. Engineered to exacting tolerances, the BOGE airend combines quality and efficiency with long service life making it one of the best of its kind and a sound, long-term investment for our customers.

  • Premium Quality manufacturing

    Maximum reliability
    BOGE airends are manufactured on state- of-the-art production lines and are examples of the finest German engineering. Lowest manufacturing tolerances combined with quality materials ensures the dependability of each airend. Computer controlled testing further ensures that every single airend meets our high quality standards. The longest possible service life is also assured thanks to generously dimensioned axial and radial bearings.

    Maximum efficiency
    The screw profile of the BOGE airend has been optimized using the latest technological advancements providing maximum efficiency over the entire service life. We calculate the best possible specific power characteristics of each airend to ensure the best output per kW or HP while ensuring the airend continuously operates at its optimal speed.

  • The Compression Procedure

    Compression Procedure for Screw Compressors

    The air passes through the intake opening into the rotors that are open on the suction side.

    Compression Procedure for Screw Compressors Compression Procedure for Screw Compressors

    As the screw rotates the air intake opening closes. The volume in the chambers is reduced and pressure increases. During this procedure, oil is injected to lubricate the rotor bearings, to seal the rotors, and to dissipate the heat of compression.

    Compression Procedure for Screw Compressors

    Compression is completed, final pressure is reached, and discharge starts.

  • Intelligent Control

    The BOGE control and monitoring concept is your key to more efficient operation. We have the optimal control system for every type of application: from monitoring central machine parameters to specific synchronization of up to 16 different compressors.

    Intelligent Control Overview of S Series Screw Compressors

    FOCUS is the latest state-of-the-art energy efficient controller to come from BOGE. A large-scale LC display clearly shows error and maintenance messages, operating states and all operating parameters. (Additionally the operating status of a frequency controlled compressor and/or the workload of fixed speed compressors are displayed).

    Intelligent Control Overview of S Series Screw Compressors

    With the trinity controller from BOGE you can control up to three compressors of equal or different size or implement an automatic base load switching control. The adjustable base load switching cycle enables a constant load operation of all the installed compressors. trinity can be installed into the compressor switch cabinet or provided as a separate wall mounting cabinet version.

    Intelligent Control Overview of S Series Screw Compressors

    Airtelligence is designed to control up to 16 compressors of different makes and sizes in a multi-compressor system. It operates by selecting the appropriate compressor combination to meet the compressed air demand and to proficiently configure your system to ensure best possible operating efficiency: load/idle run switch cycles are minimized and expensive idle run times virtually eliminated. airtelligence: For a cost-effective and safe operation!

    Intelligent Control Overview of S Series Screw Compressors

    Seeing is believing: airtelligence PROVIS synchronizes up to 16 compressors and visualizes the central parameters. As a result energy costs can be closely monitored via an interface to a web server where you can view this data at anytime and anywhere around the world.

    Energy costs need not go off course:
    because BOGE’s energy efficiency solutions offer a number of options that save energy. It is calculated that energy costs account for around 75 percent of the lifetime costs of compressed air generation. This makes energy optimization essential for any compressed air user. Significant sustainable savings can be created by continually auditing and optimizing your installation. You should therefore rely on a partner who, as an energy expert, is ready and able to support you before and after your decision to purchase compressed air products.

  • Intelligent Savings

    Perfectly controlled output: BOGE frequency controlled screw compressors

    When there is a fluctuating compressed air demand, the BOGE frequency controlled screw compressors works strictly in accordance with the compressed air demand by producing the exact volume of compressed air at the pressure required.
    The volume flow is continually adjusted between 25 and 100 percent – correctly specified frequency controlled compressors should eliminate expensive idling times and even out air demand fluctuations. Energy costs can therefore be reduced considerably. When a frequency controlled compressor is used alongside a fixed speed compressor additional advantages can be achieved. The flexible speed adaptation of the airend also allows for pressure adaptation. Changing the pressure value of the frequency compressor automatically synchronizes the output quantity. A 190 psig machine can therefore be transformed into a 125 psig machine yielding a correspondingly higher output – without any expensive remodeling or design related modifications. All pressures and intermediate pressures are available with the best possible outputs. It takes little or no investment for a compressed air user to save as much as 30 percent of their compressed air related energy costs. Be sure to take advantage of BOGE’s energy efficiency solutions to save energy costs. Examples:

    Leak detection
    A single 1/4" diameter leaking hole causes losses of 122 cfm – this equates to several thousand dollars a year of energy costs. Comprehensive leak detection from BOGE will identify any leaks within your compressed air network.

    Heat recovery
    Most of the energy used to generate compressed air is rejected in the form of heat. This heat can be recovered: e.g. for space heating or for the heating of domestic water. Up to 85 percent of the input electrical energy can be recovered: Our energy experts will be pleased to advise you! AIReport Does your compressor station still meet your specific site requirements? Oversized or obsolete components can be the source of high energy costs. The

    system helps to detect weak points within a compressed air system by monitoring compressed air generation, treatment and distribution over a set period of time (e.g. one week, two weeks or even a month): this tool will help you save energy!

    The BOGE sign for efficient compressed air solutions:
    Wherever it is displayed, users can be assured of a particularly efficient BOGE solution helping to save a great deal of money!

    Quality pays off
    Purchase costs represent only a small portion of a compressors life cycle investment costs. Because BOGE compressors are designed to provide trouble-free and efficient operation for a long period of time, they are in many cases the most cost effective solution below the line. It is therefore not without good reason that users around the world increasingly rely on premium quality made by BOGE!

    Savings Potential for Screw Compressors

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