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Oil-Free Compressed Air

Series SO Screw Compressors from Boge
Free Air Delivery
1.378 - 1.746
Pressure Range
100 - 150
Motor Range
350 - 450

Generating oil-free air is mandatory in a number of industry sectors, not least food and drinks and chemical and pharmaceutical sectors.

While downstream drying and filtration of oil injected screws is sometimes acceptable there is no real substitute for oil-free generation.

The SO series of oil-free screw compressors offers advantages in control, maintenance, sound pressure levels and to coin a modern phrase, carbon footprint.

Finely graduated gear ratios have been calculated to offer the widest choice of free air delivered outputs between 1378 and 1746 cfm, in a pressure range between 100 - 150 psig. Motor sizes for this oil free range vary between 350 - 450 HP.

In order to generate the driest as well as cleanest possible compressed air, BOGE offers the option of an energy free adsorption dryer package, which is designed to utilize the heat of compression for media, regeneration.

All BOGE oil-free screw compressors utilize the intelligent ARS control and monitoring system which ensures the most economical and cost effective operating cycles at all times.

Your benefits

  • Efficient cooling air circulation -
    the component parts are intelligently positioned along the cooling air flow - for increased service life and prompt availability of compressed air.
  • High quality and maintenance friendly design -
    all component parts are easily accessible which facilitates the prompt and hassle free maintenance - the use of high quality materials and the reduced number of wear parts makes BOGE oil-free screw compressors as efficient and reliable as any demanding customer would expect
  • FOCUS control -
    the FOCUS control is the latest state-of-the-art energy efficient controller to come from BOGE. A large scale back-lit LC display shows error/maintenance messages, operating status and all operating parameters.

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