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Master Control Airtelligence

Airtelligence Series Compressor Control System

16 compressors in perfect harmony:
If you intend to optimise your operating expenses and to reduce your maintenance costs, airtelligence is the perfect solution. airtelligence can confi gure up to 16 compressors of all sizes in order to achieve the utmost efficiency whilst monitoring the entire range of functions. In addition, airtelligence is ideally suited for optimising existing compressor stations: the control unit is able to determine the size of the network and to help calculate potential leakages.

airtelligence offers a large-scale back-lit LC display (320 x 240 pixels) that clearly shows text information with function keys for easy and intuitive operation.

airtelligence controls the entire installation according to demand: Based on the actual consumption, the momentary demand is anticipated and the optimal compressor combination is switched on automatically ensuring load/idle run switch cycles are minimised.

Four modules for 4, 8, 12 or 16 compressors makes airtelligence very fl exible. The system also accepts compressors from all types of makes and manufacturers. Up to two frequency controlled compressors can be operated in a combined compressor system.

All relevant parameters such as operating data, maintenance intervals, energy consumption and error messages are downloadable onto your PC via a web browser to keep you updated around the clock and to prevent energy costs going off course.

Energy efficient control:
airtelligence serves to monitor and to optimise up to 16 compressors of different sizes and types in a combined compressor system.

Maximum transparency:
airtelligence enables you to access your operating data, maintenance and error messages at any time.

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