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Master Control Airtelligence Provis

Airtelligence Provis Series Master Controls for Compressors by Boge

airtelligence PROVIS is designed to visually display all essential efficiency specific parameters allowing a clear illustration of the operating behaviour of your compressor station providing absolute cost transparency (load operation costs, idling time costs).

airtelligence PROVIS enables you to permanently synchronise your production side with your consumption side in order to determine the most economical compressor combination. Idle times are virtually eliminated.

A large number of peripheral equipment (e.g. temperature sensors, flow meters, current meters, pressure dew point meters, compressor station pressure profile, dryers, etc.) can be connected to eight accessory connection modules, 16 external analogue sensors and 24 external digital inputs.

All users have worldwide access via a web server to all relevant data. Furthermore, the Plus web server enables remote programming and a comfortable alarm and service management, e.g. via display, SMS or email.

Series Airtelligence Provis Master Controls for Compresspors from Boge

Making efficiency not only perceptive but also visible:
airtelligence PROVIS predictively optimises up to 16 compressors in a combined compressor system and also visually displays all crucial efficiency parameters providing a clear illustration of the operating behaviour of your installation to keep your operating costs under control at all times. Such information can be accessed any place around the world through an interface with your web server.

The BUS system of airtelligence PROVIS is engineered to combine up to 16 compressors of different sizes and makes.

All data is shown in high definition (1x/sec.) and clearly displayed in diagrams for the precise assessment of the entire compressed air station.

The entire energy balance of your compressor station is immediately visible: load and idle run cycles, consumed kWh, generated m³, specific performance, energy costs in €, motor starts and load changes.

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