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Thermal Mass Dryers

Series BTM Thermal Mass Dryers from Boge

Capacity: 6000 - 30,000 SCFM

High Capacity Cycling Air Dryers

You could reduce your energy costs with the BOGE cycling BTM Series thermal mass dryers!

Most manufacturing facilities will have varying compressed air demand depending on production schedules, weekend and evening shift operations, breaktimes and holidays. While air compressors are cycled and unloaded/loaded to match compressed air demand, thermal mass cycling refrigerated dryers can load/unload depending on the compressed air demands therefore saving energy and maintenance costs.

BTM Series mass dryers utilise a process to dry compressed air by refrigeration, which drops the dew point temperature to a point safely below the lowest temperature exposed. This process eliminates moisture problems and downtime.

BTM Series mass dryers consistently deliver compressed air at a dew point recommended by the Compressed Air and Gas Institute (CAGI).

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