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Boge Oil Water Separators

The large overflow is designed to prevent emulsions from impairing the function of the oil/water separator. Oil backup in the filter is thus avoided.

BOGE oil/water separators are available in a number of sizes. They require no energy nor very much maintenance.

Boge Oil Water Separators

Our cartridge based system is lightweight and easy to change making service quick and efficient. This system also allows the exterior of the unit to remain clean and dry without making an oily mess.

Condensate separation takes place in the QWIK-PURE without using an activated carbon. Instead, we have opted for a unique filling material that has not only increased performance, but is by far lighter and cleaner than traditional oil/water separators on the market today.

Superior Condensate Separation Technology:
Legislation demands that compressor condensate must be treated prior to discharge into a foul water network. In the case of a simple suspension, oil or emulsions can be separated from water by superior condensate separation technology, on site, by using a cost effective BOGE oil/water separator.

Diagram of Oil Water Separators

The oil contaminated condensate flows under pressure into the newly designed pressure relief chamber. (1) Here, the pressure is released without creating turbulence downstream (2) of the condensate inlet. The oil contaminated condensate flowers into the high volume pre-filter (3), which is characterized by its ideal flow pattern from the inside to the outside. Here the remaining oil droplets are bound to the pre-filter. It also deals with any residual floating oil in the upper chamber.

As the pre-treated condensate enters the main cartridge the remaining oil is absorbed and locked into our advanced filter material where it cannot escape (4). The condensate is now fully treated and flows around the lower chamber wall toward the clean water outlet.(5)

The final result is purified water suitable for discharge directly into the sewer system.(6) Thanks to the cartridge technology, filter replacement is both quick and clean; and all without the use of activated carbon.

Type Compressor Performance Piston Compressor Rotary Screw Compressor Dimensions
Compressor hp Compressor scfm Mineral Oils Synthetic Oils Mineral Oils PAO/Diester Oils Polyglycol/Synthetic D x H in.
QWIK-PURE 25 25 113 50 50 25 50 50 7.9 x 20.7
QWIK-PURE 50 50 225 100 100 50 100 100 15.2 x 23.4
QWIK-PURE 100 100 450 200 350 100 200 200 18.1 x 24
QWIK-PURE 200 200 900 350 200 350 2 X 200 23.2 x 43.7
QWIK-PURE 350 350 1575 350 2 X 350 2 X 350 28.3 x 46.5

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