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Boge Condensate Drains

Float Operated Condensate Drains

Float operated drains only open when there is condensate to remove. That means that compressed air losses are avoided.

Float operated drains work very simply however they are more sensitive to dirt and require regular maintenance.

Boge Condensate Drains

BEKOMAT electronic level-controlled condensate drains

An electronic sensor ensures the drain only works when there is condensate to discharge – this is done without any air losses. The intelligent electronic controller ensures loss free discharge and also monitors the condition of the drain

An LED display indicates the operating condition of the drain. A potential free contact (not available in Bekomat 31) allows remote monitoring – for high operating safety.

Level controlled condensate drains:
Condensate is a by-product of compressing air. The amount produced depends entirely on humidity, ambient temperatures and the volume of air generated. Condensate is produced in different quantities in different places within the compressed air network, i.e. when the temperature of the compressed air falls below the pressure dew point. Due to their absolute reliability BOGE condensate drains stand for safe and efficient condensate management.

Model Max. compressor output cfm Max. dryer output cfm 100% saturated use for Dimensions W x H in. Connection In/Out
Bekomat 31 100 200 a, b 6.5 x 4.6 NPT 1⁄2 / BSP 1⁄4
Bekomat 32 225 450 a, b 6.7 x 5.0 NPT 1⁄2 / BSP 1⁄4
Bekomat 33 500 1000 a, b 8.3 x 6.2 NPT 1⁄2 / BSP 1⁄2
Bekomat 13 1300 2600 a 8.4 x 6.4 NPT 1⁄2 / BSP 1⁄2
Bekomat 14 5400 10800 a 9.9 x 7.1 NPT 3⁄4 / BSP 1⁄2
Bekomat 16 CO 50000 100000 a, b 11.3 x 11 NPT 3⁄4 / BSP 1⁄2

a = condensate with oil
b = oilfree, aggressive condensate

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